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Weekly Menu 12/13-12-19

Two Weeks till Christmas! I can’t believe it! We haven’t even really begun our Christmas shopping yet. How about you?

This will be a busy week for our family. It’s a lot of wrapping up loose ends around here. This is the last week of school for Grace. After Friday, she’ll be on Christmas Break. Thursday is the last Awana Night till next year. I have a Doctors appointment on Thursday, and Josh will be busy at work getting everything done for his week off of vacation. ( For the past few years, Josh takes off the week of Christmas, so he can be with us and be with me on my birthday)

For the menu this week, I’m trying to use up a few things I already have around the house, because we won’t be going grocery shopping till Wednesday evening because that’s pay day.

Slow-Cooker Lime Chicken Tacos with whole wheat flour tortillas
I found this recipe years ago when I was receiving magazine subscriptions from Simple & Delicious.
Except, I didn’t realize I was out of lime juice, so I substituted lemon today. I hope it turns out okay :)
We’re having our friends Jared and Karen over for dinner because their in town from Cali. I think we’re making something with Chicken…but I’m not sure yet. 
I’m not to sure this night either. We have to go grocery shopping and I’m going to the gym. So…maybe fast food.
The girls and I are eating at my mom’s. She’s going to teach me how to make her amazing pie crust and then I have a Dr. Appt and then Grace has Awana so there isn’t time to go anywhere else. Thanks Mom and Dad for taking Pity on us :)…Josh is working late.
Spaghetti with Zesty Bolognese with salad and garlic bread
Possibly leftovers or a new recipe: Southwestern Style Lasagna
Josh normally does the cooking on Sunday nights, so I’m not sure. But maybe we’ll make Taco Pizza
Desserts and Treats

Tuesday night for dessert I’m going to be making the PW’s Nantucket Cranberry pie
and Wednesday I’m making a large batch of Sugar Cookies and maybe Gingerbread cookies for the kids at Awana
Thursday, Mom will be teaching me how to make a Huckleberry Pie :)
I’m a very very busy girl this week :)