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Weekly Menu 2/21-2/27

I love Holidays. I love Holiday that make the banks close down because that means I get an extra day with my husband. <3 I think Presidents Day came at a perfect time, because Josh has come down with a cold and Grace has relapsed and has a double ear infection…AGAIN! Can you believe it?

Grace has maybe had 1 week from Christmas till now where she hasn’t been sick. My heart is just aching for her and I wish that I could take that nasty ear infection and give it to myself so that she would no longer hurt, but that she would have the color back in her cheeks and her sweet little personality would shine through again. But since I can’t do that, I can give her a daily dose of antibiotics and make her a special breakfast treat this week, in hopes that it will put a smile back on her face.

Breakfast Burritos
( Josh finally found the Jumbo Shells in one of our stores)
Baked Potato Soup
( Awana Night)
Thursday’s are hard nights to cook for, but I’m going to attempt to make my mom’s
Lentil Loaf
We’re having my family over for dinner to see the house and play games so Josh is going to be making Sandwiches on the Panini Maker with chips
Homemade Margarita Pizza
Yes, we’re still trying to get around to this meal too.
I have two treats lined up for this week. I want to make some muffins for Gracie. I made some Bran Muffins for myself a week ago, and now that she is sick again, I want to make her muffins. She says,” Muffins are my favorite Breakfast Treat.” And then I’ll make a dessert for the night when our family comes over.
Treats and Desserts
Frosted Chocolate Chip Cheesecake
Is there anyone sick in your household and are you making anything to cheer them up?