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Weekly Menu 9/5-9/11

I know it’s Wednesday and my menu was supposed to go up Monday. But Monday, was a holiday ( Labor Day) and we were gone all day and put off our grocery shopping until last night, when Josh and Grace ran out to do it for me.  Speaking of Labor Day, how was all of yours? Josh made an awesome dinner at my parents house with our Fish Tacos with Alaskan Halibut, YUM! And then Josh used a new recipe for some shrimp skewers. The food was incredible!

This week is a hot one! I’ve decided to stay out of the kitchen and only use the grill and maybe the burners this week. You’ve heard me mention that we don’t have air conditioning, so we’re going off the use of our fans. I broke down and bought cookies and snacks for Josh’s lunches this week. Normally, I would make cookies…but with the heat, it means no oven cooking. How are you all beating the heat? Or has it cooled down for you all already? Next week is looking a lot cooler and I’m getting myself prepared and working on the menu for next week :)

(Labor Day)
Dinner with my family
We got Burgerville since Josh and Grace went grocery shopping for me
Steak with a Blue Cheese Butter dressing and a side garden salad
I’m utilizing my crockpot and making Chicken BBQ Sandwiches with fruit or veggies
Grilling Salmon…not sure about sides yet
We have some Shrimp..and I’m thinking we’ll be making Shrimp and Veggie skewers again :)
Not sure…we like to play Sundays by ear :)
No Baking this week :(

Jenn Cochran

Wednesday 7th of September 2011

If you blog about the skewers, can you maybe share any tips you guys have for how to make sure the meat and veggies are cooked evenly...we always seem to have issues with that. The veggies don't cook the same as each other or the meat or whatever so they burn. Just a thought, if you have any tips on that. Thanks! :) :)


Wednesday 7th of September 2011

Everyone needs some time off:)Nami the week menu looks promising:)