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Weekly Menu 8/6-8/12

So I kind of lied to you all. I never really came up with a menu for last week. By the time Wednesday rolled around, I just completely did not care. If you were to ask me now, what I ate all week, I honestly could not tell you, except that the husband and I went out to eat to a Scottish pub in our town that evening and the food was incredible! Deliciously rustic macaroni and cheese, British battered fish and chips, artichoke heart and snow crab dip, and blackberry bread pudding rounded off our meal! This place knows how to cook incredibly amazing good food. In fact, I’m already craving the mac and cheese again and I’ve put in a request to have Josh fetch it for me after this baby is born. As in, bring it to me while I’m in the hospital. I usually end up staying in the hospital for a couple of additional days because different reasons, and let me tell you…they do not feed me enough! I feel like screaming, Hello, just had a baby here. I’m starving!” So naturally, our family is always so kind and sweet to bring us lot’s of snacks. Can I please just snack on this delicious macaroni and cheese???

My dad is coming into town tonight. He drove from Vegas, stopped in northern Cali for my uncle’s wedding and then onto our house for a few days, and then he’s going up to Washington, before heading back down to Vegas again. He has requested that I make Cheesecake for him and he loves Josh’s chicken enchiladas. So tomorrow morning, I’m going to make the cheesecake ( I can do that now, because Josh bought me an air conditioner for our downstairs and it’s AMAZING) and then we’ll make the enchiladas that night when Josh gets home. I can’t wait, it sounds sooo good!

We’re planning on going to the Old Spaghetti Factory one night (Hello Mizithra Cheese) because it’s tradition and then I’ve requested he make his incredible BBQ potatoes one night. It’s heaven in one smokey, buttery, bacony bite! My dad is also bringing along his new bride! I haven’t had the chance to meet my dad’s new wife yet. She is from China (and speaks English) and apparently makes really delicious Chinese dumplings. Now I don’t know what those are, but she might make them while here, but my dad said it’s an all day process so I’m not sure. But if she does, I’m going to take pictures and hopefully learn a little bit about making real Chinese food…not the Panda Express stuff, lol!

One night, after my dad leaves, Josh and I will head out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary- 9 years baby! I can’t believe it’s been that long, because honestly, it still feels like we’re dating each other.  (Can I get an AWWW?)

We also find out the gender of the baby this week! My 10 yr reunion is Friday (I’m nervous for some reason), and I’m so excited to actually be getting maternity pictures done! So this is a really big week. I’m hoping with the craziness, I will still get some posting done, but I haven’t prepped much. Usually, I’m a week ahead of my posts, but I slacked last week. Anyways, that’s the rundown of the menu. There isn’t really much of one, and it could continue to be like this for the next few weeks, because once my dad leaves, we have a lot more family coming in, and usually when Josh’s grandparents from Africa are in town, we’re eating over at his parents every night. It’s a nice break from cooking for me, but kind of sucks for the blog. LOL!

How was your weekend?