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Weekly Menu 10/15-10/21

It’s Sunday night and Josh and I are laying in bed with a cup of tea watching the most recent episode of Grimm, which is so cool because it’s filmed right here in Portland! Holla- keep Portland weird yo! Today has been really fun! Josh and I did some baby shopping! Heehee, I’m so happy! Our baby bedding came earlier this week and so we had to get a crib sheet for it. Which we picked up along with a new changing table pad at the store.
Josh spent the afternoon rehanging all of Eden’s pictures that were in the bedroom (aka, the nursery) and finding homes for them in the room the girls share now. It looks so beautiful, Josh did a great job! And, we got the crib all set up with the bedding and I’m so happy with the way it looks. Noel, thinks the crib is all for her now and jumps in it every chance she gets. Josh also brought up the glider from the garage and I think we decided on a paint color and should start painting here pretty shortly. I’m so excited, it seems like things are finally starting to come together.

Tomorrow, (Monday) I have my Glucose test and all the blood work that comes with it and my OB is encouraging to get the flu shot which I’ve never taken before. So, I’m pretty sure that by tomorrow evening I will be feeling like I have the flu and wishing I was dying, lol!

Light Potato Soup in the crockpot
Garlic Spaghetti with salad
Chili and Cornbread
Josh’s Egg McMuffins with fresh fruit
I’m taking a break from the baking this week. I’m trying to prepare myself for the worse when it comes to this flu shot and since it’s also the first week of school for us, I’m just going to give myself the week to kind of take it easy and see how it all goes. But next week, I plan to make some yummy goodies!