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Weekly Menu 8/4-8/8

Aaaannd…it’s August! Can I just say how craaaazzzzy this is? Even though school for you public schooling folks is right around the corner, we’ve still got two solid months of summer break left. I’ve still got to take advantage of the back to school sales and get the kids covered though, not to mention order our homeschooling material. *sigh*

You may notice that my menu won’t include anything for Saturday and Sunday. That’s because Josh and I are going to Portland for a night! Yes, you heard me- it will of been officially 7 years since we last went anywhere alone together. The year was 2007 and we went to Mexico on a cruise. As you can imagine-I’m quite excited, but nervous since this will be our first night away for the little man, and I love him way to much and I hate being away from him. But sometimes, we parents need to take a break for ourselves. YAY!!!

Summer Pasta Salad
Tacos and rice
BBQ Chicken, Baked Potatoes, and Corn on the Cob
Tomato Salad Grilled Pizza