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Weekly Menu For The Week Of July 18th

Weekly Menu | Catz in the Kitchen | | #menu #mealplan

Aren’t you surprised to see a weekly menu after several weeks of it being absent? We had family in town for about two weeks and during that time we all got together for dinner nearly every night! But now, all our family has left…and so here we are with a menu!

However, next week we’ll be on vacation so we may or may not have one for that week. Not sure yet. But, let’s focus on this week. How’s your summer been so far? Our weather has taken a weird turn to cloudy days that end up either chilly or humid with a random hot, sunshiney day thrown in just to mix things up. I tell you, it’s a weird July temperature-wise so far.

Since we’ll be on vacation next week, I tried to keep our menu simple, enjoying some of our favorite recipes while updating a few older ones. I’m kicking myself because last Friday we made some homemade pizzas (something we haven’t done in awhile) and we tried a new recipe out – so so good! I wish I had thought to snap more than just an iPhone picture. But we’ll make it again and maybe share it with you. It was a really simple one to prepare… and delicious, too!

Feel free to browse some of our older menus for some great ideas or follow me on Pinterest for more delicious recipes. I pin daily, so there are a ton of options for ya!

I hope you all have a very wonderful week (hopefully warmer and sunnier than ours is likely to be)!