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Weekly Menu For The Week Of Aug 8th

Weekly Menu Aug 8We made it through our first week back from vacation!! Usually that first week back to reality is struggle city (and it was, workout-wise…just ask my muscles!), but we we were fortunate to have a pretty relaxing, easy week. I got to see Josh more than usual due to a few fun things his job had going on for an associate appreciation week and the kids and I got some of our post-vacation to-do list checked off by Wednesday. Speaking of checking things off the to-do list, we put up our second DIY post on Saturday, an easy one for window boxes and shutters – hope you like it!

Josh and I even watched a movie on Friday night!!! I know…we sure know how to live it up!

By the time our weekly grocery shopping trip rolled around at the end of the week, we were in desperate need of groceries. I did successfully end up using a lot of pantry/freezer ingredients I had laying around to make us some dinners, without having to make extra shopping trips to the store, so, yay for that. #boom

Thankfully, I am all stocked up due to grocery shopping on Friday, then hitting Costco and Trader Joe’s on Saturday. How often do you shop at other stores like Costco or Trader Joe’s, or whatever your preference is? We try to go once a month.

This of course all means that we are finally having a normal weekly menu week here at Catz!

Please check out some of the older weekly menus we have archived to help inspire your mealtime. Otherwise, feel free to grab one of the meals we’re making around here this week and make it happen!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!