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Weekly Menu for the Week of Jan 9th

How was everyone’s weekend? We got snowed in…again! I know, what is going on with this weather here in Oregon? I can’t remember the last time we had so many snow storms this close together. The good thing this time around vs. the last time is that it happened on a Saturday and I think a lot of people stayed home. But the epic grocery store lines! Crazy! Not only was I thrilled that I had already gotten all of my groceries Friday morning (thank you Clicklist for making my life easier!), but we also celebrated Josh’s birthday a few days early, which was nice.

Since we were snowed in, we took advantage of being indoors and made progress on our newest home improvement project. Maybe you saw on Instagram, but we’ve begun ripping up all of the carpet and hardwood in our house to replace it with laminate. You might be asking why tear up the hardwood, too? Well, while the hardwood in our house is pretty, it’s not our style at all and shows every single piece of dirt. Also, the wood is super soft and dings really easily and it’s in pretty bad shape in places. On top of that, it’s only in the hall and the kitchen, so there really isn’t much of it to begin with. We just wanted something that would flow and work a little better for our family, that would be durable and bring more light and warmth to the home.

But let me just say, hardwood is a pain to pull up. I mean, I’m not pulling it up, but Josh is and I’m trying to assist him in whatever ways I can…and it’s hard.

This week’s menu is full of favorites. Josh specifically requested Tuesday night’s dinner. I’m even making extra so he can bring leftovers to work for lunch! What do you guys usually do for work lunches? We’ve prepped additional meals in the past and they have been great, but lately it’s just been sandwiches for him and I think he’s getting a little burnt out on PB&J…

I don’t blame him.

Take a peek at some of our older menus if you need additional dinner ideas and feel free to pin off our weekly board menu, too! I hope you all have a great week!

Sheryl Lopez

Monday 9th of January 2017

You are great, I love your week menu great ides Thank you keep up the great work and ideles.

Chelsia Rief

Tuesday 10th of January 2017

Thanks Sheryl! I'm glad you enjoy all the diner ideas! Anything I can do to make meal planning easier for others. :)