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Weekly Menu for the Week of May 1st

Weekly Menu | Catz in the Kitchen | | #menu #mealplan

What do you think of the new weekly menu pin?

I have a question! Okay, another question. Because it is officially May, does that mean that the weather will improve?? I’m crossing my fingers because our Friday and Saturday (and most of Sunday) were dry, and this week, the weather is supposed to be really nice! We’re talking close to 80 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday! And being in Texas last week where the temps were in the 80’s for a few days, I have to say I miss that sun and warm breeze on my shoulders…

So, about Texas last week…Josh and I took a little “baby moon” to a resort outside Dallas, and we spent one of the days over at The Magnolia Silos in Waco. Be on the lookout for a post about that very soon! (They have a bakery now…this is definitely a foodie thing!)

We got home last Tuesday evening and just decided to skip the grocery shopping until the end of the week when we usually go – so we took care of that pesky little chore on Saturday. Which meant that I had to come up with a few “make it work” meals. It wasn’t so bad, though. I had a huge lasagna I had prepared a few weeks back and froze, so I thawed and baked that – and even a really delicious salad came together with things leftover in the fridge and pantry. The kids raved about it, so I’m thinking maybe I should share what a typical “go to” side salad looks like for us…

It does feel good to have our grocery shopping done and a meal plan for the whole week mapped out. Feel free to take advantage of any of the meals on this week’s menu or take use some of our older menus for other yummy dinner ideas!