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Weekly Menu for the Week of May 29th

Weekly Menu | Catz in the Kitchen | | #menu #mealplanI just thought I would take a moment and start by saying that today is, of course, Memorial Day, a somber holiday, to be sure, but one for gratitude above all else. So many have lost loved ones who fought so bravely and selflessly for our country and the freedoms we enjoy (and so often take for granted!). At the same time, we know that they fought and died not so that we would live lives of sadness at their loss, but in pursuit of their family’s, children’s, and nation’s future peace and happiness – to bring it back to what we celebrate here at Catz, the simple pleasures of family life, like gathering around a table.

So, thank you to those who serve, and especially to the families of those who made that ultimate sacrifice we remember today.

Since the observation of this holiday grants many a three day weekend, I hope that for you and yours it is celebrated with laughter (and good food!) among those you love!

I think our day will be relatively quiet. The kids will probably take care of a few chores before playing outside and Josh is going to get started on the nursery. Of course, we’ll barbecue, too!

Our week is relatively light on activities, which feels nice because last week the kids and I worked on a lot of organizing projects that culminated in a giant Goodwill run and me moving a bunch of furniture around in Christian’s room to give him more space. Ya know, I could be in the beginning stages of nesting, that’s all! I do have a prenatal appointment this week, so that will be fun!

And just in case you guys missed it, we do have a little giveaway going that ends three days, so make sure you enter! Who couldn’t use an extra cherry pitter and a little more cherry vanilla crisp in their life, am I right?

Okay, onto the menu – obviously we’re grilling today so ribs it is! But we’re also trying out a new recipe, and remaking a few favorites, which means hopefully doing a few reshoots because they are pretty old and dated looking (I’m looking at you, Polynesian Chicken!).

I hope you all have an awesome day and remember to look at older menus if you need some other dinner ideas.