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Weekly Menu For the Week of Aug 7th

Weekly Menu | Catz in the Kitchen | | #menu #mealplanOh, Monday. So reliable and always showing up at the beginning of every week. Honestly…I’m curious to know how many of you dread this day of the week the most? And if you do, why do you think that is?

For me, I don’t dread it, but I usually enjoy the weekend so much that I’m just not quite ready to give it up yet…and for me, this past week was full of ALL. THE. FEELINGS! But, I really hope to share that with you in a future post really soon. It was such a memorable few days and you may have seen a glance or two from some of my posts and stories on Instagram.

That being said, thanks for understanding about our weekly menu vacation. It’s back up now and I’m feeling rejuvenated and eager to get back into the kitchen and cook for my family, savoring these last six weeks or so with my little family of five around the dinner table.

Actually, this week Josh and I celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary (YAY) and the kids are going to spend a night or two with the grandparents giving us a couple of meals alone. While we’re not going anywhere or planning anything overly special (this close to the due date, it’s hard to focus on planning for a whole lot else!), we’re going out to dinner and just spending time together. Which is my favorite thing. <3

But, I still have a menu planned for the week and I’m going to include a romantic dinner idea that we have made before – maybe it will give you an idea for your own date night! I’ll even throw in a dessert, too!

I hope you all have a fantastic week and since back to school is just around the corner, I would just say soak up these last few summer nights with your family. Make it fun, laugh often, have ice cream for dinner and just savor this time. I’m already amazed that August is here and the trees in our area, like clockwork, are beginning to change colors – reminding me that fall is just ahead of us!