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Tuesday’s Tidings – New Baby Gear Review Edition: Angelcare Bath Support

So, we missed a week with our little reviews of new baby gear, but we’re back this week with our thoughts on Angelcare’s Baby Bath Support. We’ve used a number of different bath supports over the years, and, frankly, have never been thrilled with any of them. The biggest issues were that they were not stable enough, too stable (as in, not flexible or comfortable), or not supportive enough for the baby. Baby would slide down the support, or squirm out – kind of a pain!

But…not so with the Angelcare Baby Bath Support! We picked this up about a month before Ruby was born (in pink, but it comes in blue and gray, too). I want to say she’s had about five baths in it so far, and, wow – what a difference. It stays put in the tub – no sliding around. The frame is super stable, but the mesh that the baby sits in is flexible enough to let them be totally comfy. The shape of the bottom half supports baby’s rear in just the right way, allowing them the freedom to kick their little feet and legs in the water, while still being completely fixed in place – no sliding down into the water! 

Angelcare Baby Bath Support Review

Angelcare claims that it’s mildew-resistant and hygienic, and, so far, I have no reason to doubt that’s true. It seems silly, but Chels and I can’t get over how much we love this simple little “gadget” – it takes so much of the stress out of washing a tiny, newborn baby, and, for Ruby at least, it’s let her really enjoy herself in the bath (pardon the stock photo, but Ruby was a little bashful about publishing bathing photographs…).

Just a quick note on price, if you decide to get one of these for your own little one, or as an awesome baby shower gift – Angelcare advertises it for $30, but we got ours on Amazon for about $15, and we did see it at Target for the same price, so it’s worth checking around, but reasonable pretty much anywhere.

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