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Catz Review: Chef’d Amaretto French Toast and Candied Bacon

We love french toast around here. There are something like twelve variations of it on the blog already, and there would be more, except at some point we realized there were twelve, and figured we should probably cool it for awhile. But…it’s been awhile, and when we saw this amaretto french toast from Chef’d and PureWow, we couldn’t resist.

The very pleasant surprise with this Chef’d meal, after opening the big orange box, was that it really is a full breakfast in a box! Not only do you have the candied bacon, of course, but you’ve also got a mix of fresh berries and a side of scrambled eggs! A lot of times when we make french toast, we just make the toast and call it a day (or a morning), but having the full meal like this was not only more filling, it was a lot of fun, too, for us and the kiddos. (Ruby, despite her obvious interest in the big orange box, was unable to participate due to a lack of teeth.)

The ingredients, as we’ve come to expect from our experiences with Chef’d, were top notch and brand name, from the little carton of whipping cream to the individually wrapped eggs and thick slices of brioche. The bacon, especially, was impressive – it cooked up with very little grease, indicative of high quality and low fat content.

The instructions – the usual combination of step-by-step pictures and written guides – were incredibly easy to follow, and even included directions for scrambling the eggs. Speaking of the scrambled eggs…let’s stop and talk about that for a minute. First of all, we were skeptical about receiving directions for scrambled eggs. Who doesn’t know how to make scrambled eggs? Well, turned out, that was us…two big things. One, using a small amount of heavy cream (1/4 cup for eight eggs, as opposed to 1/2 cup plus of regular milk we would usually use). Eggs are so much creamier and fluffier it’s ridiculous. Two, and this is the big one…American cheese. WHAT. We are not lovers of the American cheese over here. Processed cheese? No thank you.


We were actually pretty shocked to find American cheese in the Chef’d box, as the rest of the ingredients were so fresh and high end. We were tempted to throw it out and grab the cheddar! We didn’t, though – we restrained ourselves and hand-shredded the cheese slices as instructed, then added them to the egg mixture. WOW. So good. The American cheese somehow adds this subtly indulgent cheesy flavor, without adding all of the moisture that other cheeses would typically add. We were really blown away. I still can’t imagine we’ll use American cheese for anything else, but it’s good in scrambled eggs!

Other than that big surprise, what can we say? The amaretto french toast was scrumptious – light and buttery brioche is heavenly is any form, but that much more so as french toast! The candied bacon was so simple – Gracie handled that part, and it came together in no time (yeah, brown sugar and bacon are a natural combination, who knew…). And the eggs…well, we’ve already talked about the eggs.

This was a fun breakfast-for-dinner meal (also so easy and perfect for the morning of a holiday – I’m looking at you Christmas and New Years) that everyone in the family could eat and enjoy. It has enough flavor and finesse for the adults, but is still straight-up yummy enough for the kiddos to be quite thrilled with what’s on the menu. We certainly plan to have it again!

Chef’d made no stipulations about the content or length of this review, the recipes chosen, or the photos taken. Beyond the recipes and ingredients shipped to us, no additional compensation was made for this post, and all of the opinions here are our own.