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Weekly Menu For the Week of Oct 22nd

Weekly Menu | Catz in the Kitchen | | #mealplanHey, guys! It’s good to be back online and back to my menu planning!

We had a wonderful time in Central Oregon. We went biking, caught up with friends, ate A LOT of good food…I always wish we had more time, but it is nice to get back home. Especially for the kids – none of them slept that great, I’m afraid, and a few of them caught little colds.

We got back into town last Wednesday and I got down to business early Friday morning working on this week’s menu. Usually, I do my grocery shopping on Sunday or Mondays…but I’m going to try and switch my usual schedule around so that I’m doing my shopping on Fridays now. Over the past few months, it has just felt hard to get it done on the weekends – I was spending a large chunk of my Sundays working on the grocery list, when all I really want to do is soak up the remaining weekend with the family.

What day of the week do you do your grocery shopping?

We attempted to go to the pumpkin patch on Saturday, but we woke up sick instead! We basically lived in sweatpants on the couch all weekend. In fact, on Sunday, I didn’t even bother putting makeup on. I figured since I wasn’t really going anywhere, why waste the makeup? We did get outside for a bit on Sunday, though. I weeded and winterized the front yard – looks so much better – and Josh and I took Ruby on a walk around the neighborhood. Rest is important when you don’t feel well, but a little sunshine does wonders as well.

I also did a little baking. I made the pumpkin bread on the blog – it makes three loaves of bread and I made one loaf without chocolate chips (for Ruby), adding chocolate chips to the other two loaves. One of the things I enjoy doing when I’m sick is baking easy things, like this pumpkin bread. There is something about having something delicious bake in the oven and the good smells waft through the house…I just think it cheers everyone up a bit.

I hope everyone enjoys this week’s menu. It feels very fall to me and I was just trying to use up a few ingredients around the house.

Have a great week everyone!