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4th of July food get togethers

I figured since I’m on a roll I might as well post a blog of some of the food I made while we were at the beach. I know that if I don’t post this now, I may not get around to it at all since were leaving again Thursday.

Saturday night, Josh grilled burgers and hot dogs for us and my Grandma made her really yummy potato salad. Sunday, my dad and Grandma made fish n chips. Delicious halibut my dad deep frys and he did the same thing to some cute little shrimp too. My mom made her delicious scalloped potatoes (which she won’t give me the recipe) and texas toast. And the Dessert…well I just might do a separate post for that…because for whatever reason…it looks awful but tastes good. No idea what went wrong. So here are some fun food pics from over the weekend!

I feel bad because pictures don’t capture flavor and the food was amazing!!! It makes me so mad because my Grandma made a delicious breakfast Sunday morning…I love her breakfasts…I only get them when I come down to the beach and though they aren’t anything special as she would say, I think they are so yummy. I adore her pancakes and breakfast potatoes. BUT…I ate my breakfast to fast and I forgot to snap a pic. :( Maybe another time. 
So I just thought I would share some of the food we had :)