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Weekly Menu 8/1-8/5

Happy August 1st everyone!! How was your weekend? Ours was really good! My Gracie came back home from camping on Friday! It was so wonderful to have her back. She changed so much it seemed. Eden was thrilled to have her sister home and relieved that she had her playmate back. I am just not as much fun as Grace is, haha! Saturday, we got our pictures taken by a professional for the very first time ever! Josh and I didn’t even have this at our own wedding ( seeing as though we got married at 18 & 19 years old) so this was a real treat for us! I can’t tell you how much these pictures mean to me. I haven’t gotten them all back yet, but she posted some teasers on FB for me and when I get the rest, I will share with you all.  And Sunday, was church and grocery shopping, followed by a relaxing quiet evening with my and the hubby in the back yard enjoying our tikki torches and savoring each other before Monday came and swept us away again into the busy work week.

Next week, next Tuesday actually is Josh’s and mine 8 year anniversary! We are so excited. We’re going to the beach for a week with the kids. Sooo…there will not be any blogging the following week. Or if there is blogging, it will be posts that are scheduled to send out but I won’t be linking up any where. I will take some pictures of our fun week though!

For our menu this week, we’re trying to use up some of the items that will expire while were gone…but we won’t have a menu for Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, Josh and I are going out to a new restaurant for our anniversary and then Sunday, we’ll be leaving for the coast.

Grilled Sausage and Bell Pepper Pizza
Teriyaki Pineapple Turkey Burgers ( From last week) with homemade french fries and fruit
Mesquite Chicken wraps
BBQ Chicken Pizza (without red onion)
I’m also bringing a meal to one of my friends who just had a baby. She goes to church with me and our church is so sweet that for 2 weeks,  the members deliver a meal. Since I’ll be gone next week, I signed up for Wednesday night.
Church Meal
A Roasted Chicken with potatoes and veggies
M&M Cookies for dessert
My favorite Blueberry Muffins ( for breakfast or snacks the following days)
And of course, since we’re not on vacation yet, I’m going to make cookies for Josh’s lunch this week. Whatever is leftover we’ll take to the beach with us.  
Desserts & Treats
I was debating between two different recipes in my cookbooks for Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. But I’m going to go with my Better Homes & Garden Cookbooks recipe, because I really like the additional spices their using in the Cookie :)
This seems like a pretty full week of cooking. But most of it is grilling, which is Josh’s domain. But I am looking forward to it, especially making the meal for my friend. As someone whose had 2 babies, I can’t tell you how much having not to worry about meals those first few weeks means.  Have a fantastic week everyone!


Tuesday 2nd of August 2011

My weeknd was great too.Mainly because my father came out of thew hsopital and I made his favorite beetroot soep:) You had good time too,I see;)Enjoy your timeaway.We all need time away from blogging sometime and your occassion is such a wonderfull one;)