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Weekly Menu 10/24-10/30

And….I’m back! I promise, it will be awhile before I disappear like that again! We had a wonderful few days in California last week visiting Josh’s grandparents and we really just spent time getting to know them and helping out where we could since Josh’s grandmother is sick. I had meant to write a post or two while I was gone, but I was never on the computer for very long and I think traveling just makes you really tired. I was falling asleep by 9pm every night, lol!

I have a few repeat dinners from the previous menu. Josh and I had intended on going grocery shopping and making the meals I had planned out, and then last minute Josh pulled a fast one on me and decided that there wasn’t a huge point in going shopping because things would spoil and not get used. So we got creative around the house instead and today we finally went grocery shopping :)

This is kind of my last week of freedom so to speak. Awana started last week and I can’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but I’m actually leading the Sparks class this year along side my sister  ( in law). And next week…not this coming week, but starting November 1st, we are officially starting homeschool 2nd grade with Grace and pre-school like things with Eden. As I type, Josh is finishing our our yearly schedule for the books and stuff. So beginning next week, I’ll become a lot busier than I was. At least we’re not traveling anywhere for awhile, lol!

Spaghetti and Meatballs, corn and garlic bread
Home-made Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes and peaches
Pan-Seared Swai with mashed potatoes and veggies
Navy Bean Soup and rolls
Josh cooks up something wonderful :)
I’m baking up some treats this week. I’m super excited about these. I signed up for snacks for this Thursdays Awana night and I’ve got some festive cupcakes lined up for them and I’m making a sweet dessert for us Monday night :) And since I never got around to making the kids muffins…that is on the list too.
Desserts and Treats

Candy Corn Cupcakes…with maybe a chocolate frosting???

I’m still not sure about which muffins to make and if I’m going to make them or not. What are you guys making this week?