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Tuesday’s Tidings for July 31, 2012

1. I’m posting this later in the day only because I have spent the morning with Eden doing fun things. We had lunch with Josh and then I took her to go see Ice Age 3 because she’s been wanting to see it. It’s cute. If your theater is cool like ours and you can get in on a $5 day, then I would spend the money. However, my nearly 4 yr old decided that after she inhaled an entire small bag of popcorn ( yes, she ate more than 3/4 the bag) that it was naptime and became very tired and spent the entire movie shifting positions on my pregnant lap. So now, we’re home, she’s napping and I’m resting.

2. It seems as though I need a lot of resting. I like to rest everyday. I think it’s a pregnant thing, because I’m not necessarily tired, I just kind of get worn out easily. I feel worn out, but in a good way ya know?

3. I still haven’t made a menu for the week. Do I have to this week?

4. So, three movies I’m excited for that I saw trailers for today at the theater. An animated movie called “Epic” looks really good and interesting. Despicable Me 2 looks great. And here’s the one the surprises me the most…I’m actually excited in seeing “The Hobbit!” I think it’s because I’ve only seen the trilogy a half a million times because of Josh’s siblings which there in forced me to like it, because now I really enjoy the movies. I wouldn’t call it love, I would call it enjoyment.

5. My pregnancy is wrecking havoc on my dreams. Seriously…if Josh keeps up what he’s doing in the dreams, he will find himself sleeping on the couch, lol!

6. In all actuality, Josh is amazing. I mean, he bought me a Mcflurry last night. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is :)

7. Please don’t bombard me with hate mail, but I really don’t care about the olympics. I like the Gymnastics and ice skating when they have it. Otherwise, I’m bored and would rather do something else…anything else! Well, except clean the bathrooms.

8. Grace is camping with my parents. Normally this mean, Eden makes a gigantic mess of their bedroom and since Grace is gone, that leaves me to try and coax Eden to clean it. This morning, she came in my bedroom while I was trying to wake up and handed me a Barbie doll. She couldn’t get the top buttoned on Barbie ( go figure, she was trying to dress Barbie in Skipper’s clothes), anyways…back to Barbies. These kids, have a lot of Barbie things, thanks to yours truly. I saved everything from when I stopped playing with them. Anyways, I knew I was going to be the one to clean up the mess. So I begrudgingly got in the shower and began to mentally prepare myself and my body that I knew would be crawling around on all fours picking the stuff up. When I began the make-up and hair process (yes, in that order) I reminded Eden two times that I needed the room picked up. She said,” I did!” I wandered into her room prepared for what I was about to see. What I saw, I was not prepared for. EVERYTHING, was picked up and put neatly back in it’s place. And that’s not all. Her bed was made too! I stood there and blinked forever, and then made a huge deal over her great deeds! Seriously, I swear, her room looks like Grace cleaned it.

9. I’m dreading Josh coming home and asking what we should do for dinner. Like I said in yesterday’s menu, I do have two meals planned out. But they don’t sound good. Nothing sounds good! Except some cold lemonade. That sounds marvelous.

10. This week, I have to go through all of Grace’s school supplies and see what she needs and doesn’t need. That’s a big job! But I’ll do it, because I enjoy buying school stuff. I think it’s fun. In the next few weeks, we’ll look into and actually order her school books for the following school year. I can’t believe she is going to be in 3rd grade! Yikes!