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Tuesday’s Tidings for August 7, 2012

1. Normally I write these posts on Tuesday. But I’m being prepared and writing it now! Look at how punctual I am!!!

2. Grace is back from camping :) Eden is back from spending the night at her grandparents, they were both back home for less than 24 hours and then they were off to a birthday/slumber party at their friend’s house the next night. Can I just say how QUIET the house is without my kids!? It was so too quiet and I missed waking up to all of their artwork they bombard me with. But they are back home under my roof and once again, I have pictures the kids have colored for me coming out me ears. Life is good!

3. My dad and his wife are in town from Vegas! It’s been over a year since I last saw my dad. I’m looking forward to meeting his wife and visiting a bit before they head off to Washington to visit more family.

4. Because my dad is in town, I cleaned like a sleep-deprived mad woman. My house is spotless. I dare you to find a speck of dirt or a pillow out of place. Go on, take a look :)

5. Yes, I’m sleep-deprived. I slept so badly last night. *Yawn*

6. Josh bought me another a/c window unit for downstairs this past weekend. That’s true love I tell ya! He wants his wife to be comfortable. Either that, or he is just tired of me whining about how hot I am. And trust me, when your pregnant, You get hot super easily.

7. Speaking of true love- THURSDAY, THURSDAY THURSDAY, is our 9th anniversary!!! Yup, 9 years! It really doesn’t feel like it’s been 9 years. In fact I would not believe that it’s true except that Grace is 8 yrs old and we got preggo on our honeymoon, so you do the math!

8. Also on Thursday (which I think just became my new favorite day of the week) we find out what this baby is! Or at least, I better find out. This child had better cooperate or I promise I will spend the rest of my life trying to embarrass it with as many stories to it’s future spouse that I can come up with. :) Heehee, not really. Okay, I’m a little bit serious. Okay, your right, empty threats- that’s just what I’m about. But I sound really menacing don’t I?

9. Josh felt the baby kick last night! For the past 3 weeks, that I have been detecting actual movement, Josh hasn’t really completely felt the baby. He thought, at times, maybe he had, but he wasn’t sure. And when you aren’t sure, that’s nothing to really get excited over. But last night, BAM! This baby was active! I think it was the delicious salmon Josh grilled for us all.

10. This past Saturday, was over 100 degrees! We just don’t get temperature like that here in Oregon very often. It’s one of the reasons I live here! I despise the heat! Give me 75-82 degrees and I’m happy. Anything above 82 degrees and you’ve got a grumpy moody woman on your hands. They don’t say I’m high maintenance for nothing!