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Tuesday’s Tidings for September 25, 2012


2. We had a wonderful time on vacation, but it’s so good to be home. What’s your favorite thing about coming home from a trip? Mine is sleeping in my bed :)

3. In true Fall fashion, today I’m wearing orange tank with a brown cardigan and JEANS!!! I am so so excited to be able to wear jeans.

4. I got the new iPhone 5 over the weekend and I have to admit, I’m using Siri more than I thought I would. Mainly, I’m using her to send text messages to my husband to ask him to fetch me things so I don’t have to text or yell. For example, the last two mornings, I’ve asked Siri to ,” Tell my husband I’m awake and I need coffee please.” LOL! The last two mornings I’ve gotten up around 7am and I’m so tired and half asleep, I’m barely function-able.

5. Have any of you decorated for Fall yet or do you decorate for Halloween?

6. My two basil plants are nearly dead and I’m trying to bring them back to life. I think it’s working because among all of the brown leaves, some green basil leaves are still hanging on for dear life.

7. Only 88 days till my due date!!!! I feel so behind! I haven’t even done a thing to the nursery nor done really any shopping or even bought one baby outfit yet, lol!

8. I’m getting my hair done on Friday and I’m so ready for it. Seriously, my bangs are out of control long and Gracie wants to get some bangs. I can’t wait to see how she’s gonna look :)

9. Eden is having her 4 yr. Well Appointment this morning. I hope she doesn’t have to get shots :/ but I plan on bribing her with candy to make the shots not so horrible if that’s the case.

10. The little man discovered where one of my lower ribs was last night when I was cooking dinner. OW!

Jenn Cochran

Wednesday 26th of September 2012

I third sleeping in your own bed! That's definitely my favorite part. I never sleep as well as in my own bed with my own pillow, LOL!


Tuesday 25th of September 2012

I second sleeping in your own bed! And having a down comforter to come home to...its too big to take on our camping trips.