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Tuesday’s Tidings for December 4, 2012

1. Kate Middleton is preggers!!! How exciting! A royal baby!!!

2. I had my dr. appointment yesterday. I’ve been instructed to rest and try and stay off my feet. Which is hard to do as a food blogger. I can’t exactly cook from the couch, lol!

3. 17 more days left!!!! Well, more or less.

4. Doing nothing and sitting on the couch looks real good to me, I have to admit!

5. Is or is not Jessica Simpson pregnant again? I say if she is, way to go! Babies rock! And her daughter Maxwell, is such a cutie!

6. My husband makes the best brownies from a box ever! He says the only trick to making a good brownie is knowing which brownie mix to buy, lol!

7. I burned the crescent rolls tonight. Once again, I proved that I cannot for the life of me fix convenience food, lol!

8. I think it’s funny now that I’m so close to my due date. If I can’t reach my husband on his personal work number and I call his cell, he answers right away and asks if I’m in labor, lol! I love it!

9. I’m wondering if I can continue to let my hubs clean the cats liter box even after the baby is born…hmmm?

10. Speaking of brownies, I’m going to eat one now!


Wednesday 5th of December 2012

I am already trying to decide how to convince my man to keep the cat box duties too!! I've got some months to go still but I need to make a plan because it's so nice to not have that chore!!!