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Tuesday’s Tidings for March 12, 2013

1. Christian, goin for the basil! My goodness he is cute, isn’t he?

2. Yesterday, Christian laughed for the first time ever! It was the most adorable thing I think I’ve ever heard.

3. I’ve got spring fever! I need sunshine and warmer weather. The clouds and cold air is getting really old.

4. Daylight Savings is a drag. That is all.

5. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. Josh went back to work yesterday and I’m doing really good on my own. I’m getting things done and keeping my little guy on a much needed schedule. I got this!

6. I was kind of thrown for a loop the other day. I totally thought I had another month before it was Easter. I had no clue it was at the end of March. I feel so far behind in life now.

7. Since we had Noel fixed, we can’t let her sleep in the garage at night till she is all healed. So at night, she gets super frisky and finds all sorts of toys and brings them on my bed and plays with them till I wake up. I now have a collection of squinkie balls and toy mice in my nightstand drawer. Last night, she found one of Eden’s stuffed animals and brought it to me in the middle of the night. I was not pleased, because then I remembered that Eden left now one stuffy downstairs, but a whole bunch. So I had to go downstairs at 2am and grab all the stuffies and put them in the girls room. And then Christian woke up 3am to eat. I am so super tired today.

8. My knees are still sore from the last 10 days of the shred…so I’m really debating about doing level 2 today. To rest or not to rest, that is the question.

9. *yawn* Case in point.

10. I got this really huge flour jar over the weekend. I was so tired of hauling my flour bags in and out of the garage where most of my pantry staples are held. Now I have this wonderfully beautiful jar that holds my flour for baking. The only problem is now I need MOAR flour to fill the jar up!