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Tuesday’s Tidings for May 14, 2013

1. Today is my mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday Mommy! I love you so so much!

2. I read this story about Angelina Jolie getting a double mastectomy! She is so brave! Kudos to her for being so pro-active!

3. Everyone hear about 24? I’m so stoked! Jack is Back!

4. I need some dark chocolate. There is a pie I’m really wanting to make before we go on vacation and I need dark chocolate for it. HELP!

5. Normally, I wash my hair every day, but if I happen to wake up with decent hair that’s not all bed-heady, sometimes I’ll skip washing it and style it anyway. The thing I don’t like about doing this, is my hair just always feel slightly heavier and dirtier and not as bouncy as it would if it were completely clean. The only reason I skip washing it on these days is because it’s supposed to be good for your hair. Blah! I’m not sure skipping it works for me. But yet, I do it anyways.

6. Josh and I watched Safe Haven last night and I really liked it! The book of course was way better, but I really enjoyed it. I liked it a lot better than some of the other new Nicholas Sparks movies that have come out more recently.

7. I’ve been super horrible lately trying to get my 8 glasses of water in. I’ve been only getting an average of 2-4 glasses. My problem is then I’m going to the bathroom all day and then when I’m working out, I have either pause my dvd or jump off of whatever machine I’m on, lose my progress and run to the bathroom, and pray that when I get out, somebody hasn’t grabbed my machine. It sucks!

8. And since I’m talking about the gym, can I complain about the lack of ellipticals there are at my gym. They have 3 different kind, but I only like one of them and there is only 4 of those and people are always hogging them. Blah!

9. I hear a lot of good things about Zumba. But I never take classes at my gym. For one thing, the classes that come free with the membership are kind of boring. I don’t swim ( I despise it) and I don’t do aerobics. But Zumba is something I would like to try. So I’m hitting my sister in love up about maybe doing a class with her while were in Washington, because she’s a Zumbanite. Have any of you taken a class. What do you all think?

10. I need to go shopping! Big Time!