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Tuesday’s Tidings for June 4, 2013

1. This happened on Saturday. Christian made the leap from riding in the car seat in the stroller to just riding in the stroller. He was pretty happy about it too. Me, on the other hand…not so much!

2. This also happened this weekend. We bought a blueberry plant. We’re going to buy another one because everyone is saying,”Get two! Get three!” So we heard, we’re going to buy another one.

3. Today, I opened my washing machine and found that my new favorite white t-shirt from The Loft had turned pink. Thanks to me absent-mindly throwing in Josh’s red car detailing towels that I thought had been washed at some point. I almost cried. But thanks to one of my friends ( Hi, Karen) I’m going to try this dye remover and see if it will make it all better.

4. I’m getting over a stupid cold. The cold itself wasn’t bad. It knocked me on my butt for at least one day and I thought the whole time that it was allergies, lol! But, now it’s gone into this stupid cough. I hate coughs, especially raspy ones that leave me croaking like a frog.

5. We went to Trader Joe’s on Saturday and this lady was letting everyone sample these crackers. I am now obsessed and kicking myself for not grabbing like five more bags!

6. I’m obsessed with my mom’s new dog, Juniper! She is a little fox! And I’m obsessed with my parents hammock. Every spring and summer when they hang it up, I always go lay in it. I’m now hounding Josh to buy me one. (BTW-that shirt I’m wearing in this pic is the same one that turned pink.)

7. I finished the 30 Day Shred on Saturday. I’ve got six week 6 pack on it ways :) YAY!

8. I’ve decided that on the days we go to Cosco, the samples are calorie-less and I refuse to count them. Who’s with me!

9. I really wish allergy season was over.

10. I’m just gonna leave you with this picture…because seriously? Those cheeks!