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Tuesday’s Tidings for April 15, 2014

1. Josh came home one evening last week and still had a bunch of work to do (which is rare) and Christian just wanted his daddy. I think this picture is just super sweet!.

2. The girls and I were talking about Disneyland today and Grace was asking all sorts of questions about Splash Mountain. I found a video on youtube of a front seat POV of the whole ride and let’s just say the last splash is very anti-climatic. So all her worries regarding that ride seem to be gone.

3. Christian is on the mend. He was sick AGAIN last week, but he’s doing a ton better now. My goal is to keep everyone well.

4.  I came home yesterday from grocery shopping to find little baby ants all over my dining room floor. YUCK! I was so mad, that I just started stomping and raiding the house. Luckily, Josh brought home some traps and we haven’t seen anymore. But UGH!

5. When do molars usually start coming in for toddlers? I think Christian is teething and he doesn’t like me examining his gums, but in the back gum area, it feels like of raised, even though I can’t see anything. Is it to early for the flatter teeth to be coming in?

6. We went to the zoo on Saturday because our membership expires at the end of the month and so many of the animals were wondering around. It was darling. We finally got to see the baby lions and they are so adorable and playful. I’m determined to take one home with me.

7. Just in case you missed it yesterday, I’m Evermine’s blog newest contributor (YAY) and I posted a jam recipe on their blog the other day, which is super good,  and so easy! Make sure you check it out!

8. Who checked out the moon last night. I’m happy to report, that I was in bed, sleeping.

9. Josh and I went to AE over the weekend. I had to make a return at another store and we scored BIG off the clearance which was 70% off! I got these pants and a cute t-shirt and Josh got this cardigan and this t-shirt all for like $27.00. Completely crazy!! This is why I rarely ever pay full price for clothing.

10. Fave Easter food- Go!