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Tuesday’s Tidings for July 29, 2014

1. We went to our friend’s annual summer barbecue on Sunday and had a blast! Grace and Eden played in the pool all day and had a blast. Josh and I even won the 3 legged race ( I have the bruise to prove it). I love seeing my daughters play with their best friends. Grace and Eden lucked out because they got to have a sleepover-this is what summer should look like. :)

2. Josh and I tried watching American Hustle over the weekend. We had been wanting to see it because we like a few of the actors and it won awards, etc. We turned it off 5 minutes into it. The cursing straight off the back was way to much. I can take a word here and there, but when it’s back to back-I don’t care how many awards it won and how many people say it was good. It’s a turn off and I just can’t sit through a movie and enjoy it and as a Christian…it just plain out isn’t language I want to listen to or should listen to. It certainly doesn’t help improve my quality of life, but more importantly, The Bible commands us to live pure and holy lives. Call me a Bible if you like, but I try very hard to obey the word of God.

3. Josh finally bought a lightening speaker dock for our phones in the bedroom! I can finally listen to music on my phone without draining my battery. I love it!

4. The new Hobbit trailer looks super insanely good! I can’t wait to see it in theaters!

5. This dress for Eden. I die! I saw it through the store’s window the other day and swooned. Luckily, the kid shares my taste because she was drooling over it too. It was made for her.

6. When did he grow up? Look at his little boy legs and his boyish tousled bed head! I can’t help but melt every time I look into his face. He is such a blessing and I’m in love with my little boy so much. Being his mommy is the best thing ever!

7. I’m drooling over these bars. I could probably eat a whole pan of them.

8. Last week, I talked about bedtime story books and one of my friends (Hi, Cassie) mentioned “Where the Red Fern Grows” which I’ve never read before. I’ve started a Bedtime Story shelf and a Homeschooling shelf. The bedtime story shelf is for books for me to read to the kids at bedtime. The other shelf is for potential books report books for Grace to read for school. If you have any suggestions of bedtime story or “history type” appropriate 5th grade books for Grace she might find interesting-I would love to hear your suggestions.

9. So Sharky!!! I love this so much!!!

10. Check your pockets before you throw clothes into the washing machine. Yet again, I’ve stained something white with something not white-this time…a neon green Orange Julius coupon that I forgot about. I have a nice neon green stained back pocket on my favorite white capris now. I’m going to try bleaching them tomorrow. If not-then onto my secret weapon. RIT-color remover. I know it will work if the bleach doesn’t. Thank Goodness I know my pants are not ruined.


Wednesday 30th of July 2014

I loved the Annie Henry books when I was Grace's age- they are historical Christian fiction about Patrick Henry's daughter.

Chels/Catz in the Kitchen

Wednesday 30th of July 2014

I'll bet she would like that. I've written it down on my list for her :)