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Weekly Menu 7/21-7/27

I feel like this last week was so long and drug on, but here we are and it is Monday morning and it is a new week. I’m still having sneezing allergy attacks. Usually they don’t linger on this long, but there must be something in the air that is still causing the fits of sneezes. Anyone else dealing with allergies still?

Yesterday we woke up to rain! I was so surprised! I was already to go running with Gracie when I came down the stairs and saw that it was lightly raining out. We decided to go running anyways. We just put on sweaters and we were fine. A little damp, but honestly, now I see why people enjoy running in the cooler, damp weather. There is something about it. The air smells so clean, and the water falling on your face feels so refreshing. Of course it helps that I’m not wearing makeup on our Sunday morning runs. I jut get up and go. Running outside is kind of a new thing for me. I’ve always just ran on the treadmill and let it propel me. Let me just say that for the record, I am much slower outside. Haha!

Fish Sandwiches with French Fries
Pulled Pork Nachos
Oriental Chicken Salad with Homemade Rolls
Hotdogs, Baked Beans, and Fruit Salad
BBQ Chicken Kabobs with Rice and Salad
Fried Egg Sandwiches and Smoothies


Tuesday 22nd of July 2014

We're making an oriental chicken salad (new recipe) on Wed. too! :) And it's raining here today. Oh, and the allergies? Mine are still on too. Just last week I had one of the worst attacks ever...ugh...

Chels/Catz in the Kitchen

Tuesday 22nd of July 2014

Is it as humid there as it is here? It makes the air feel so heavy with the rain. Let me know how your recipe is :)