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Tuesday’s Tidings for November 11, 2014


1. Last Thursday was the monthly homemaking and hospitality class I attend. Lisa decorates her table so beautifully. We had a ton of fun cooking and as per usual, not only did I get some great recipes but a lot of helpful prep tips for the holidays as well.

2. I love our rental home. I think it is such a lovely home for our family. I love the trees, the backyard layout and how we’re situated among the other neighboring homes. Except around this time of year when all of our neighbors leaves fall into our yard and every storm throws branches into our yard. We’re now in maintenance mode and I spent some time yesterday tossing leaves into our rubbish bins. Such slimy business is wet leaves.

3. So who has to work this Veteran’s Day. Josh has the day off, so we’re sticking close to home most of the day except for when we venture out to work on our Operation Christmas Shoeboxes. 

4. When do you guys start buying for Christmas? I’ve bought a few things for the girls, but not much. Just a stocking stuffer or two.

5.  Have you guys seen Instellar yet? Josh is really excited to see it and I hear its getting great reviews.


6. I think some of the prettiest sunsets happen at this time in the year.

7. This Friday, I’ll be guest blogging over at Club 31 Women. I hope you’ll stop over and say hi.

8.  This bread pudding looks to good for words.

9. I recently subscribed to The Better Homes and Garden magazine and I finally had a chance to look through my first copy last night. I love it! I can’t believe I’ve never had the magazine until now.

10. Do you guys know who Anxiety Cat is? I think I relate to that dang cat more than I would like to admit.