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Tuesday’s Tidings for February 17, 2015

Tuesday's Tidings


1.  For Valentine’s Day, we stayed in and Josh gave me complete control over what movie we watched. Guess What? I couldn’t decide, so we still haven’t watched my movie choice, lol!

2. We’re having such beautiful weather here in Oregon. The kids have played outside for two days and have loved every second of it.

3.  One of my favorite websites to buy cute little scarves and other random things is The site has a lot of good deals and even if I don’t buy anything from them, it’s fun to browse through.

4. I think the color of this bathroom is the most relaxing color ever!!

5. This Slow-Cooker 4 Cheese Macaroni and Cheese looks dreamy and creamy!


1. So, this has been around for awhile, apparently, but I hadn’t seen it before. My friend Chris, who lives in the UK, sent me the link earlier this week, and I love it! I love Bond music, I love orchestration, and I love performances in the Royal Albert Hall, so how could I go wrong?

2. One cannot be an Apple fan without being a fan of Sir Jony Ive. Unfortunately, Jony’s a bit of a shy one (hence the recorded performances during Apple events), but he gave an extended interview to Vanity Fair last month, and the magazine has now uploaded the video to YouTube! Many great quotes from Sir Jony immediately began circulating on Twitter, of course.

3. NASA is undertaking expedition forty-five to the International Space Station, and the crew of astronauts making up the expedition are obviously geniuses. GENIUSES.


4. North Korea has weird slogans. Who knew.

5. Apparently everyone knows about and loves Five Guys. We tried it once when they first came to town, and we were decidedly unimpressed, so we never went back. Must have been an off night. Luckily, a colleague convinced me to grab lunch there with him a week or so ago, and it was excellent! Simple, fresh, tasty – exactly what they claim. I convinced Chels to give it a second chance last night, and she loved it. Yay for more local burger options!


Monday 30th of March 2015

Thanks for the shout-out :)! Love your thoughts!