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Tuesday’s Tidings for July 14, 2015

Tuesday's Tidings


1. Okay, so I love shark week. Sadly, I kind of missed it last week, but I did see this article from National Geographic that is featuring 10 amazing photos of Great White Sharks. The pictures are incredible, but the article is fascinating too.

2. We’re slowly working on trying to make our new home, ours. Changing little things here and there.We bought a new microwave,  Josh designed and built this gate for our home. Finally, on Sunday, Josh put this replaced our kitchen faucet with this beautiful farmhouse style faucet and I just love it!

3. Hydrangeas are my very favorite flower and Josh picked up some more hydrangeas that were on sale at the store for our backyard. Including a pink one! If you’re a hydrangea lover like myself, then you will enjoy  these 13 facts that ever hydrangea lover should know.

4. I finally scored a maxi skirt! My first one and I’m so excited. I nabbed it from Ross for $8.99! Boom! How do you like them apples?

5.  So let’s talk Next Food Network Star. Is your favorite still hanging around? I still like Michelle, Eddie, and Jay. Thoughts?


1. I came across this amazing video of a mother raccoon teaching her baby to climb a tree on National Geographic the other day. Her patience and persistence is incredible, as is the way she uses her hands! Apparently this was taken not too far away, in Washington state.

2. A colleague and I wandered down to Stumptown Coffee Roasters last week, a Portland staple about four blocks from my office. He had heard about something called Nitro…and it sounded good. They had setup a nitrous draft (as I understand one would use to serve Guinness on tap?) for their coldbrew coffee, and it was outrageously good. It was thick and creamy – quite possibly the best cup of coffee I have ever had. And I have had many cups of coffee…

Coldbrew Stumptown Nitro

3. Sadly, both again!

4. This is an interesting tidbit. Apparently Prince William is taking a real job (while donating his paycheck to charity, of course). Presumably there will be a few folks quite delighted to be rescued by a chopper with the prince at the helm. He points out that his juggling of a new baby and a new job is “no more difficult than what everyone else has to do.” Refreshing to hear from royalty, though one could make the argument that a new job, a new baby, constant media attention, and fulfilling whatever official duties a prince has these days are a bit more than what everyone else has to do, actually. I’m guessing he can get help if he needs it…