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Tuesday’s Tidings for August 11, 2015

Tuesday's Tidings


1. I stayed up super duper late Sunday evening to finish reading Moby Dick. Have you guys read it yet? It took me almost 2 months to finish it. Most of the chapters aren’t too long, there’s just a ton of them; as in 135 of them. But if you are considering it for a read, you can check out my review of it here.

2. I can finally say I’ve tried escargot. No, I didn’t have to pry the little buggers out of their shell. The texture is…what you would expect. But La Provence (the restaurant we ate at for our anniversary) prepared them beautifully in this rosemary sauce with blue cheese and smoky bacon while nestled in a mushroom cap. As a foodie…you gotta be a little adventurous right?

3. I recently started having my youngest daughter, Eden read a book to me while I’m driving in the car. Its a great way for her to practice her reading, it is a great way for Christian to learn to listen and it’s great for me because it’s basically an audiobook-even though it’s usually a Berenstain Bear book.


1. Alton Brown was kind enough to share with his Twitter followers the difference between marinating and macerating. I know what the difference is, of course, but I’d never really thought of the two as related – helps to keep it clear!

2. It’s official. Well, as official as a “study” of something can be, but I buy it. Reading (for pleasure) is really, really good for you. Good for you socially, mentally, and emotionally, that is (possibly intellectually, depending on what you’re reading…) – physically, no promises, unless you’ve figured out how to jog and read simultaneously. Also, note that this is specifically reading for pleasure. All of that studying for work and school? Good for you in other ways…hopefully.

3. I realize that for many of you this is (slightly) old news, and it was for me as well, having read about the Sherlock “don’t call it a Christmas special” Christmas special in an interview with one of the creators (can’t recall when or where), but I actually hadn’t seen the trailer until this week! Thrilled to see Cumberbatch and Freeman taking to Doyle’s traditional time period!