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Tuesday’s Tidings for September 1, 2015

Tuesday's Tidings


1. We went to Jo-ann Fabrics over the weekend and they were closing out these Tuscany Candle Outlet Warmers for super cheap, so we bought one on a whim. Now I know this is probably nothing new for you Scentsy people, lol! It was our lucky day, because also on clearance were the Food Network fragrance melts. We nabbed Red Velvet Cupcake, Vanilla Birthday Cake Frosting, and Southern Peach Cobbler – which is the one I’ve been using in the sitting room downstairs and it smells heavenly! I’m addicted!

2. Not only did we have to buy Eden shoes this week, but once the rain came in, we discovered that Christian had outgrown all of his shoes over the summer as well. Thank goodness I had some coupons for Payless Shoe Source. We were able to find Christian a pair of Captain America tennis shoes and great looking pair of grey sneakers.

3. Not sure how many of you are members of the Disney Movie Club. I think we’ve been a member for just a hair over a year now. But, we love it because we’ve really been able to fill our Disney movie selection quite a bit since joining. We’ve pre-ordered Maleficent in the past, we’ve pre-ordered Cinderella. We found out last week that the next movie to be released from the Disney vault is Aladdin! Such a family favorite and so darn funny! 


1. GUYS. GUYS. GUYS. Giant Legos that you can actually build buildings out of are a thing. This is everything I ever wanted as a child. Maybe this is everything I want as an adult…

CNbWAinWsAApmbc.jpg-large2. Speaking of giant, amazing things that I thought were awesome as a kid, it seems that airships could be coming back. As in, blimps or Zeppelins, or whatever you want to call them. The Dragon Dream could apparently move cargo from place to place. It’s a bit different than the luxury dream envisioned by the makers of the Hindenburg, it’s fascinating.

3. This tip from the smart folks over at 1Password is important. Do it.


Eva Schweber

Tuesday 1st of September 2015

Hi! My name is Eva Schweber and I work for AgileBits, the folks that make 1Password.

I was so excited to come across your blog today to discover that you had shared our Password 101 lesson on never reusing passwords. We are grateful for folks like yourself who appreciate the value of good password security. In other words, thank you for being awesome!


Eva Schweber Good Witch of the Pacific Northwest @ AgileBits

Joshua Rief

Wednesday 2nd of September 2015

Thanks, Eva! We're big 1Password fans / evangelists, and always enjoy your password 101s! Thank you for making the resource available!