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Tuesday’s Tidings for February 23

Tuesday's Tidings


1. If you haven’t watched this video of Adele and Ellen teaming up to prank Jamba Juice then you need too. I laughed SO HARD!

2. I’m drooling over this Polenta, Refried Bean & Egg Skillet Bake from Ambitious Kitchen. Those eggs…they just look dreamy! I seriously need to eat this!

3. Who watched Sunday night’s episode of Downton Abbey? I loved it! I thought it was great, but ugh, only one more episode and it’s all over. Good thing there is plenty of Fixer Upper for us to watch to make up for it.


1. So, I wish I had read more Shakespeare, but I suppose there’s still time to make up for that. In fact, I may be better off, as a recent study has discovered that some 96 of Shakespeare’s comedic lines no longer make sense to modern audiences due to changes in pronunciation! Who knew? But, now that someone has figured that out, maybe it’s a good time to delve in…maybe.

2. In perhaps one of the least surprising scientific discoveries ever, fatter penguins fall over easier. Yep. That’s the point of this article, anyway, but personally, I enjoyed the anecdote about some of the smarter Antarctic birds cheating on the test by leaning against the side of the treadmill and skiing. Penguins rock.

3. I find history fascinating (if you haven’t noticed), and as it turns out, the country of Israel turned up another interesting little tidbit about Jerusalem’s past last week. They believe they have discovered an ancient settlement on the site, indicating that the area that is now the city of Jerusalem has been inhabited for up to 7000 years. To top it off, they apparently discovered this while developing a new roadway. Progress, eh?