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Tuesday’s Tidings for October 4, 2016

Tuesday's Tidings


1. Last week I talked about how Josh and I got sucked into Designated Survivor – which, by the way, got picked up for the whole season (can I get a whoop whoop?). This week, like I think a lot of other people, I’m enjoying This Is Us! I think Mandy Moore is a great actress – did anyone ever catch that Grey’s Anatomy episode she was in? And Milo is fantastic as well. But the storylines and relationships of the characters remind me of Parenthood (which I miss) so I feel like this show will be around for awhile. Josh has watched the first two episodes with me…not sure if it is his thing or not, but so far, he’s indulging me. :) And – love the plot twist last week!

2. If you read our Fiesta Chicken Casserole post (or follow me on Instagram) then you know we went to the Casting Crowns concert on Friday. You guys, their new album is so good and they put on such a fantastic performance. I don’t go to many concerts because I usually leave with a headache, but this is one band I would make the effort to go see every time. FYI – I didn’t get a headache this time either, so that was a plus!

3. Can we just talk about how gorgeous this pumpkin cake is? Almost, too pretty to eat!


1. I like the idea of reverse-engineering McMenamin’s amazing cajun tots. I mean, I’d rather just eat them there (and often do), but I like duplicating awesome restaurant recipes at home. I’m going to figure this one out.

2. The Brits have discovered they have over 14,000 people over the age of 100! Impressive, especially compared with 30 years ago, when there were approximately 25% that many. Well done, British folk.

3. Well, it’s coming. A fifth Pirates film. And…I think, despite myself, I’m kind of stoked.