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Tuesday’s Tidings for Apr 4, 2017


1. I have this problem. Sometimes, Josh or even other people will suggest a show for me to watch and I’ll drag my heels on it until I’m in the mood to watch it. This could be months, sometimes even years! I know. I’m ridiculous. Josh has been wanting to try Stranger Things for awhile, insisting that I might like it – seeing as it’s kind of a semi-creepy thriller show set in the 80’s, but I’ve been dragging my feet. Finally, I gave it a try and wouldn’t you know it? I love it! Bonus points for all of it’s awesome 80’s music, too.

2. I did another FB Live video recently. I made my family’s Lasagna Casserole for dinner last night and decided to show everyone how easy it really is to make! Check it out if you get a chance?

3. For those of you who are active gardeners, what are some of your favorite, most hearty perennials to plant that you think make your landscaping look fresh and alive? We’re gearing up to work on our front yard and need some foliage ideas! I’ll admit, we’re kind of novices at this…


1. We occasionally have writers or other bloggers send us suggestions of articles to link up to or things our readers might find interesting. A lot of the time we politely decline or shelve stuff for a later date, but I did find this particular article a bit surprising (the article’s actually on health in your senior years), due to point #6. 44 gallons of soda a year? Seriously?

2. Book update: finished The Last Lion, Volume 1: Visions of Glory, easily among the top five books I’ve ever read, and moving right into Volume 2: Alone. I can’t believe I waited so long to read this masterwork. Absolutely enthralling, with innumerable lessons to be had for today’s politicians (and voting public)! Some things never change, as Sir Winston would undoubtedly remind us.

3. I know I already mentioned the new King Arthur take coming out from Guy Ritchie, but…there’s a new trailer. And I’m still stoked. That is all.