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Tuesday’s Tidings: Pregnancy Edition

I haven’t really said much about this pregnancy since slipping the news into this post awhile back! But, I’ve been getting tons of questions from family and friends, so I thought maybe I’d write up a few thoughts here in Tuesday’s Tidings…

I mean, we are all friends here, right? But I’ll try not to make this a “Me, Me, Me” post…because that could just be annoying.

I guess I’ll start by saying that this – our 4th baby is due about the middle of September, and so far, everything is on track and my doctor is pleased with how the baby and I are progressing (Always really good news!). The little one is kicking (rather strongly sometimes!) and its growth is right on track!

To be honest, I get asked all the time by strangers, friends, and family if I’m nervous about bringing another little person into the family with the three I already have and homeschooling, plus I work on this on this blog, too! So, yes, I’m busy…but who’s not? Are my hands full? Sure. But I guess what people are really asking is if I’m nervous about how I’ll juggle everything. I’m really not nervous about that and I’ll explain why in hopes of encouraging you and others that babies and children are not that scary and neither are their needs! It helps to have some really good helpers. Grace and Eden are experts at assisting me with lots of different chores around the house, not to mention helping with babies – and (for the most part) they love it!

I thought I would share a few things that are working for me, so if you’re newly pregnant or pregnant in the summer like me, maybe you’ll find these helpful, too!

  1. I’m loving this body butter from Burt’s Bees. I slather it all over where I think I may get stretch marks and for the rest of the body I’m using Aveeno lotion, because the damp weather made my skin all itchy.
  2. I found these shorts at Old Navy this past weekend and I loved the fit and the fact that they didn’t have that big band that goes over your stomach.
  3. I’m big on tracking things, so I’ve been using this journal for my past three pregnancies and I like all of the info and places to write stuff down. I’ve also been using a number of pregnancy tracking apps, but one of my favorites is the Sprout app. Christian loves seeing the week to week changes the baby makes.

As far as most maternity clothing, I’ve kept a lot of things that are still in style through all my pregnancies and have filled in gaps with some Goodwill hunting and ThredUp purchases.

That’s all I got for you guys! Have a great week!