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Tuesday’s Tidings: Pregnancy Update!

This post is honestly a little late in coming. I meant to actually get on here and share an update several weeks ago, but we got busy with family and life and it just didn’t happen. So here it is! This is a newsy, journally little chance for me to get out my thoughts, so please only read on if this sort of thing is of interest to you…

I’m officially in my third (and final) trimester and I’ve only got eight weeks and three days to go (I’m not counting down or anything), which means I’m now 31.5 weeks pregnant! Cue all the nerves, anxiety, and fears that go into preparing for labor and delivery. This is my fourth time, so you would think I wouldn’t be scared or nervous, but I am. Somehow, even knowing what to (kind of) expect doesn’t make it any easier. Each pregnancy and delivery is different and that unknown factor is the part I always worry about. The first time I was worried about not having enough time to just take a break and have some “me time.” Luckily, we looked through our options and found a way for me to fit in some time to myself. At one point we were going to get an au pair but there wasn’t the right one for us because there were so few available! So if you want more experience with kids or experience a new culture then go to Cultural Care Au Pair and sign up to help out a mom like me!

But that was last time so let’s look at this time and get this thing going!


Mostly, I’m tired. Let’s just start there. Which is, of course, par for the course at this stage of the game. I was reading in What to Expect When You’re Expecting (fourth time through that trusty tome) that some women actually have energy right now! As in, tons of energy! I’m not sure if that’s the nesting instinct kicking in or if these energetic, pregnant women are just crazy!

In addition to just being tired, I’m hormonal – which is making me weepy. I actually cried real life happy tears (I kid you not) over my first glass of Califia cafe latte cold brew yesterday – it was just the most amazing thing and I literally stood there in the kitchen and cried while Josh laughed at me (how could you not?). I find the mood swings themself to be pretty annoying, but I can’t seem to stop myself from all of my irrational feelings and tears. When you tie hormones into my lack of sleep, this is apparently what becomes of me.


What is sleep??? My lack of sleep is partly due to the baby’s house parties and my brain running a mile a minute, I’ve been trying to get my reading/journaling done at bedtime instead of in the mornings now to maybe help sleep come a little faster. Josh suggested (jokingly) that I read Truman – which is a Pulitzer-prize winning biography by the great David McCullough (whose excellent, and shorter, 1776 I actually did just finish), but is so long and detailed that even he (Josh) couldn’t make it through. When it’s too dense for Josh, devourer of 1000-page histories of the Crusades, it should definitely knock me out. I declined that offer and instead I’m reading Valiant Ambition and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.


I have been nesting here and there. It usually comes in little spurts and projects. I’ve been working on doing a capsule wardrobe for those of you who watch my IG stories, so I’ve been weeding through every single piece of clothing I own, which is either super smart or super stupid to do while pregnant! But, it’s organizing and planning and that is all stuff I love to do, so it’s been kind of a fun project for me. Anyone else doing a capsule wardrobe…what do you think of it??

We’ve also been in the process of stocking up on diapers, formula, etc. We’re doing pretty good, I think, with everything. We just got a Baby Brezza (think Keurig for formula!) and I just need to put a few things away in the baby’s closet. But the room is almost done and we hope to have a DIY nursery remodel project post for you soon.

Prenatal Appointments

My appointments are going well – I really like the new doctor I’ve been seeing since last spring. I’ve seen her when she’s concerned and when she’s happy with how everything’s going, and since this pregnancy is basically textbook (so far!), I’m in and out of my appointments pretty quickly. I go every two weeks at the moment, and I love hearing the heartbeat so often. My doctor even told me that she didn’t think this baby was going to weigh too much, which of course thrilled me, because I know what it feels like to push out an eight pound child! You ladies with husky little 10 pound babies – how do you do it?!


My cravings have been really consistent throughout the pregnancy. Fruit, salad, smoothies, beef (my iron is low – that’s my excuse!), and ice cream. I’ve had a pretty good supply of Halo Top ice cream in my freezer for several months and while it doesn’t take too much effort to finish off a pint (which I swear I’ve only done in one sitting once), it is nice having something I crave be on the healthier side.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll do another update once my prenatal appointments get a little more exciting (probably when they become weekly), but for now – aside from not sleeping, being uncomfortable and crying over cold brew, I feel very grateful that things are as perfect as I could hope for them to be!