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Tuesday’s Tidings – New Baby Gear Review Edition: The Baby Brezza

So, now that the Tuesday’s Tidings Pregnancy Updates are officially finished, we thought we would transition to another “special edition” series of Tuesday’s Tiding – reviews of new baby gear! It is absolutely crazy how much new baby gear has come out even since Christian was born almost five years ago, and certainly since Grace came into the world! These won’t be big, long, in-depth reviews, and we’re only sharing things we like, so don’t expect to see any takedowns here. Basically, think of these Tuesday’s Tidings posts as tips! 

This first mini review will only apply to those of you who are formula feeding (or maybe supplementing). If you’re able to breastfeed, more power to you – it is absolutely the best thing for your baby! Unfortunately, breastfeeding has always been pretty tough for Chels, and her milk supply has lasted for a shorter and shorter time with each baby, so we knew coming into this pregnancy that little Ruby was going to be getting mostly formula, and I know there are quite a few others in the same boat.

Formula is, sadly, not the easy way out! It’s expensive, and involves a lot of additional work and baby paraphernalia. So, again, if you can breastfeed, be glad! If not, the good news is that there’s a new gadget that makes formula feeding easier – the Baby Brezza.

There are a number of these “automatic formula preparation machines” out there (Think “baby Keurig” or “baby Nespresso” if the concept isn’t quite sinking in!), but we decided on this one based on reviews, price, and a recommendation from a friend. We got ours on Amazon, but you can pick them up at Target and other places as well. It’s not particularly inexpensive, but if you’re going to be doing a lot of formula feeding, it’s worth considering.


The hardest part of formula feeding is fixing a bottle while your hungry baby is miserable and crying – you’ve got to wait for the water to heat up to the right temperature, measure out the correct amount of the inevitably messy powdered formula, shake it up, and finally feed! But with the Baby Brezza…you just put the bottle underneath the funnel, press the button for the amount of formula you want, and press start. Done and done. In my timing test, it took about 12 seconds to make a two ounce bottle for our hungry little Ruby. Not bad!

There is some maintenance – it needs distilled water in the water tank, settings for the particular brand of formula you’re using, the funnel needs to be rinsed out every four bottles, and there’s a monthly cleaning routine for the machine itself. But, most of this can be done when your little one isn’t starving, so, yay for that.

So, to sum up, if you can justify the investment based on the amount you will use it, we would definitely recommend this fancy new baby gadget! As we continue to use it throughout the coming year, we’ll be sure to update this post if our impressions change!

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