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Weekly Menu for the Week of Dec 19th

Weekly Menu for the Week of CHRISTMAS!Happy week of Christmas everyone! Raise your hand if you’ve finished your preparations…yeah, we are a bit behind because of all the snow and ice we’ve had, too, but I think we’re close…

Despite the weather, we were able to get out and run a few errands and do a few fun things. We mostly stayed home, though. We celebrated Christian’s birthday over the weekend – it’s hard to believe he’s a four-year-old now! Let me tell you, he is excited about that! He came running into our room at seven Saturday morning yelling, “Mommy, it’s my birfday today! I’m fou now!” Ha!



Josh is using up the rest of his vacation time this week and since it’s the week before Christmas, like many of you, we have a few things going on, so I won’t be officially putting together a real menu for us. I haven’t even grocery-shopped since last Monday, so I asked Josh to pull together some meals for all of you to help inspire you for the week. We’ve made a holiday dinner and dessert suggestion for each day this week – virtually all of which are quite special and festive! (If you were to actually follow this menu this week…wow, would you be eating well!)

Check out our Pinterest board for more dinner ideas and make sure you’re following us on Pinterest, too, for even more ideas!

I hope you all have a really wonderful week. If you’re traveling, please travel safely. Merry Christmas!