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Weekly Menu for the Week of Dec 30

Weekly Menu | Catz in the Kitchen | | #mealplan

I hadn’t planned on doing a weekly menu this week, but after polling on IG, the majority said they wanted a menu, so here ya go! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break! Honestly, ours was great…until we all got the flu. Ruby apparently caught it Monday night, but we didn’t know that’s what it was because there was no fever or other symptoms. But then Christmas afternoon, I caught it and the rest of us just went downhill from there. Except for Christian. Christian never really got sick. Lucky kid. 

However, we’re on the mend now and eating real food. But, honestly, being sick really forced us to slow down and relax and I think, in the long run, it was really good for us. We laid around watching movies, started The Mandalorian on Disney+ (which is excellent so far), and started playing with all of the board games we gave and got for Christmas – so many! I think the fan fave so far is the game I got from “Santa” and have been wanting for months, Settlers of Catan! YOU GUYS!! It’s a blast!!!! After we figured it out, of course, for which I highly recommend you use the Catan Assistant app. It walks you through the game set up and rules and really helps build a solid understanding. We’ve now played three times and while there is a learning curve to it, it is a ton of fun! (I realize this is old news for the many, many of you who apparently already play this game!)

For this week’s menu, I suggest Trainwreck for New Year’s Eve. Easy to make for a crowd and for people to bring toppings or bring sides. Make New Year’s Eve a Mexican-themed night, just a suggestion. It’s convenient because it lands on a Tuesday this year!

The rest of the week may be a toss up for you. I know this is a time when people try to make healthier choices, so I’ll include some healthier recipes in the menu, but if you’re getting together with friends and family, celebrating a new year, a new decade, don’t feel guilty about living a little. Maybe take smaller portions or don’t go back for seconds if you are looking to make some food lifestyle changes. But food is meant to be enjoyed, especially around the holidays!

And with that, let me leave with this note…I got the Whole 30 Cookbook as one of my gifts. I am not doing Whole 30 and I don’t have plans to, but I want to understand it more so maybe I can make recipes that are within those requirements if you, dear readers, happen to participate in it. We also got an air fryer that we’ll be trying that out for you guys! Still need to get braver with that Instant Pot, too!

I hope 2020 finds you well. Enter into the year with gratitude for this past year and the roads you’ve traveled through, while taking note of any changes you want to work on for the year to come. Have a great week everyone!