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Catz on Holiday: Recipes Inspired by France

Okay, so we’re technically not on “holiday” anymore. We are home and going about our normal days again and working through a bit of jetlag, which honestly, isn’t as bad as I thought, but also not exactly fun. I’m getting up around six and powering through until about 6:30 pm…and then I begin wanting to go to sleep (and I’ve been asleep and in bed before 10 pm every night). I’m not mad about it. But, as we begin to resume normal routines here at home, we thought it would be fun, just like we did in the previous post about recipes inspired by England to share some French-inspired recipes that are already on the blog!

Now, I will just say this – we didn’t get an opportunity to eat as much “British” food as we would have liked in London, but we more than made up for that in Paris. I ate chocolate croissants, baguettes, and cappuccinos every single day and it was one of the single best things I gave myself the freedom to do – eat what I wanted when I wanted it…and if that meant two chocolate croissants in a day (and 1/4 of an eclair), then that’s what it meant.

Some of the foods we enjoyed were, of course, all of the boulangerie goodies that you would expect. But we also enjoyed scallops, sea bass, French fries, crêpes, macarons, French doughnuts, sandwiches on baguettes, quiche, rice pudding, wine (much more impressed with the wine and the cappuccino than any cocktails…), cheese plates, and more that I can’t really pronounce or spell! 😆

We will write a blog post on our travels including where we stayed, our favorite restaurants, things we did (and didn’t have time for), things we would recommend, and things we would do differently. But for now, let me offer you this simple list inspired by France…

We have several other recipes inspired by France that you can check out here, but these are some of my favorites. I plan on adding to this list in the future! And who knows…maybe even making it more authentic!