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Weekly Menu for the week of Feb 26

We’re back after taking two weeks off! It’s good to be back and sharing recipes with you that just bring us together around the dinner table. It’s funny, as I write this right now, it is Sunday evening and Josh is working on dinner for us all, Chicken Parmesan from Joanna’s Magnolia Table Volume 2 cookbook. We’ve never made this recipe even though we’ve had the cookbook since it came out! The funny thing is, Josh starts making dinner and everyone immediately gathers into the kitchen. The baby is running around squealing with Christian and Ruby chasing him. Eden has been sitting next to me at the counter and we’ve been discussing American Girl books (the originals), and Grace just made her first latte with our new espresso maker. Josh is of course in the kitchen trying to engage in everyone’s conversation and follow a new recipe simultaneously, as per usual!

My point is, the kitchen is a powerful space in a home. People are just immediately drawn to it. The smells, the conversations, the snatched bites of food. It’s a sacred spot in our home and happens to be one of my favorites – I’m happy to share recipes with you this week from my kitchen to yours!

Here’s what’s on the menu this week:

Did you know St. Patrick’s Day is coming up? We’re big fans of Irish food, so go ahead and check out my St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest board or our St. Patrick’s Day category on the blog! We’ve got some really delicious recipes in that category that are perfect for your holiday! ☘️

Have a great week, friends!!!