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Weekly Menu for the Week of May 18

Josh just reminded me that next week is Memorial Day week…which seems hard to believe. Wasn’t it just March and April? Not sure what our weather is supposed to look like next week, but this week we’ve got more rain coming our way – which is a bummer because I thought we could grill this week.

Maybe next week??

Currently we’re all hovered around the kitchen watching Josh attempt to make homemade crullers. I’ve never had one before…but we’ve run into a problem…or he has run into a problem. He placed too small of a tip on the pastry bag so it’s proving to be a bit more challenging. I’m sure they will taste delicious regardless. (Editor’s note: Questionable.)

Live and learn.

This week’s menu is full of favorites, so I hope that if you make them, they become favorites for you as well!

This week, how about I share my “Taco Tuesday” Pinterest board which is basically all of the yummy Mexican dishes you could possibly want! Yum, right?? I’m sure that board has something for everyone in it!

Have a great week everyone!