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Weekly Menu for the Week of Nov 30

I hope you all had a happy and thankful Thanksgiving. Who here is still eating leftovers from Thanksgiving? Us, too!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s full on Christmas now. We went out over the weekend and bought *gasp* colored lights and one of those really annoying projector things that jumps all over the front of the house. The kids love them and have been begging me for years to do and this is the year I finally caved. Today (Sunday), I think we’re even going to setup the tree. SETUP the tree, not to be confused with decorating the tree. That will probably be another day.

Onto this week’s menu! How are we feeling about meals now that Thanksgiving is over? Do we want light meals or hearty heavy foods. I’ll include a bit of both for ya. Something else I’m sure you’re tired of is cooking, so a lot of these meals should provide you with some leftovers to make dinner a little easier.

Here’s what’s cooking in the kitchen this week!

Since I know you’re probably tired and maybe in need of easy dinner without a ton of dishes, this week I’m going to share my one pan Pinterest board with ya. Hopefully that will give you some other dinner ideas you like.

Have a great first week of December everyone!