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Weekly Menu for the Week of June 14

I’m sitting here in our living room right now. It’s past 5pm and I’m watching all of the birds come to the feeders for what I assume is their last big meal before they begin to hunker down for the evening. We have a tree in the far corner of our yard, and I just watched a woodpecker climb up the tree so it could get to the suet feeder that’s hanging from a branch, and it occurred to me while I was watching that woodpeckers climb trees in a very odd way. They remind me of watching a kid trying to figure out how to climb a rope ladder for the first time. The bird has to sink it’s beak into the tree before it can bring it’s legs up. I know that’s super random, but I just found it to be very interesting.

Bird watching was never really something I spent too much time doing until we had a rental house years and years ago. Suddenly we had trees to hang feeders on and our whole family kind of fell in love with the pastime.

That was quite the random train of thought I just shared…but, in a way…that woodpecker was meal-planning. How’s that for a transition?

Here’s what’s cooking this week!

We had a beautiful week here last week weather-wise, but we’re back in the 60’s with rain and clouds scattered throughout our week, so we’re not doing a ton of grilling. But perhaps it’s warm where you’re at, so I thought maybe you’d like to check out our salads board on Pinterest. Salads are a great meal for warm days because they can be thrown together pretty easily and they’re great if you don’t have air conditioning. Make a big salad and head to the park, or salad and sandwiches is also a great idea for when you want something a little less formal or tough. Comment below and tell me what your favorite kind of salad to eat/make in the summer is.

I hope you all have great week!