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Weekly Menu for the Week of June 12

Happy Tuesday, friends, I type as a yawn escapes my mouth…Cadáin, who is now almost one year old, isn’t a fan of sleeping through the night, so we find ourselves often very tired the next day. I feel like we’re constantly playing a big game of catch up in pretty much every area. Ask me which area of life I feel like I’m crushing right now…and I don’t think I would know how to answer (and definitely not because I’m crushing them all…)!

For a lot of you, school has ended, or has mostly ended. We’re pretty much done, although still working on a bit of math and French, and I have some things I want the kids to focus on during the summer, but a very light load. I can’t do much more than that right now, cuz I gotta sleep sometime! Haha!

Here’s this week’s menu – I hope you’re able to find a few meals on here to serve up around your table this week or next!

We made a big entree salad over the weekend for dinner one night (coming to the blog soon!) and I had forgotten how much I absolutely love a good salad for dinner! It really changes things up a little bit and invites some healthier options into your diet that maybe you weren’t enjoying before. So I thought this week I would share my Salad Pinterest board. Let me know if you guys make salads for dinner and which ones are your favorite!