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Weekly Menu for the Week of Jun 5

Happy June to you! I was kind of struggling with what to make this week for the weekly menu and I think I’ve just decided to make some of mine and the kids favorites for dinner. What’s your week looking like? Our weekend wasn’t super restful – we had a bunch of errands that needed to be taken care of. However, summer break is here (except Eden wants to make some more progress in math and we’ll continue read aloud), but I think this week is a good week to tackle my yearly spring clean of the kids’ bedrooms. I do this every year before we clean out our garage so we can have a huge pile of things to take to donation…I’m ready for it.

Here’s what’s on the menu this week:

As always, I like to include some extra ideas for you for the weekly menu, so I think the cobblers/crisps Pinterest board is the perfect one to share. I’ve got at least 70 recipes in there for you to choose from and they all look so yummy!

Personally, a cobbler is one of my all time favorite summer desserts. I request one every year for Mother’s Day.

Have a great week guys!