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Weekly Menu for the Week of Apr 27

Weekly Menu for the Week of Apr 27

I’m sure for many of you, the month probably seemed to drag by. I had a couple of days that felt long or where a Tuesday felt more like a Thursday. But, if I’m being honest, I feel like the month of April went by rather quickly. I can’t believe the beginning of May is this week!!!!! May is usually one of our busiest months of the year, so I’m actually interested in seeing how busy it will be. Given everything going on, I have to imagine not very. Since there aren’t many other choices, I’m trying to enjoy the peace of the rather empty calendar (Though, while the majority of us are in this situation, it’s certainly important to keep the perspective that many others aren’t – so many are looking for jobs, working in front-line positions fraught with stress, and so on. Some cancelled activities seem a very small sacrifice by comparison!).

Over the weekend, we continued to make a lot of really good food. I’m working my way through Magnolia Table Volume 2, and it’s been fun to really cook from the cookbook and give you guys honest thoughts about the recipes. I also baked with the kids! On Saturday we made these Monster Cookies from the blog “Live Well Bake Often”, and they were very good! On Sunday, I had a lot of ripe bananas so I froze most of them, but reserved five of them to make banana bread for the kiddos. Ya know, trying to be resourceful with what I have on hand. And on Sunday, we made our heirloom tomato bruschetta with a side salad for dinner. But instead of heirloom tomatoes, we used romas, because, well, that’s what we could get our hands on.

So, lots of good cooking happening over here. We hope the same is happening in your home! Even my girls are getting adventurous and experimenting with baking macarons. Which is definitely a trial and error process…

I hope you enjoy this week’s menu. Lots of choices and variety to try out. I try really hard to make my menus for you fairly well balanced. Sometimes I succeed…sometimes not!

If you need more inspiration, here’s my “Healthier Dinners” board for you to check out. I know I’ve been eating lots of baked goods and such and sometimes it’s nice to see some healthier meals laid out for you to choose from.

I hope you all have a great week! Stay safe friends! <3

Potted Mint Chocolate Pudding
Potted Chocolate Mint Pudding
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