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Weekly Menu for the Week of Sep 13

We’re nearly halfway through this month and I cannot believe it. It really feels like the month just started, but when I wandered into Target the other day, all of the Halloween stuff was out and I just wasn’t ready. I feel like there are two categories of people. Those who cannot wait for fall (like, dying by mid-August) and those who always want more summer. Usually I’m itching for fall. But the past few years, I’ve just been wanting more summer.

We’re actually away on our family’s annual fall vacation, so I’m sure when I get back I’ll be more in the mood for the season. But this week, we’re just kicking back. We’re going to bike ride, read books, take walks, and swim. We’re visiting Central Oregon (as is our annual tradition) and I just love it down here.

Even though we’re on vacation, I still have a menu for ya. I know how helpful these are especially in these busy seasons of back to school when it seems like we’re all desperately trying to find our new routines again. I got your back!

Here’s what’s on this week’s menu:

I almost included chili in this recipe round up, but I’m not sure if everyone is in “chili mode” just yet. But if you are, here’s my Chilis and soups Pinterest board you to get some more meal ideas from. I hope you all have a great week!